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Ran by two creative types, #nom is the culmination of a fair bit of culinary and entrepreneurial trial and error…

We started out selling homemade cakes, elderflower cordial and jars of lemon curd off an old wallpaper pasting table at local village fetes. Fast forward several years and we are now regulars on the food festival circuit with a more refined product range and a loyal following of regular customers from right across the UK.

Quality, Seasonality & Provenance.

We are massive foodies, obsessed with the entire process of creating great food from the soil up!  So much so that in the early days we even had our own 1/8th of an acre allotment plot where we grew all our own fruit and veg. We’ve always considered this an important part of our food “apprenticeship” and something which has instilled in us a huge amount of respect for seasonality. To this day there are certain ingredients, (strawberries being the classic example) which we will only use if they are British and in season!

These days, being so busy, we have developed more of an interest in wild food and look to the hedgerows for inspiration. Every Summer and Autumn we visit the same trees to pick a variety of fruits including Morello Cherries, Wild Damsons and Pershore Egg Plums, which we turn into jams for our layer cakes and Bakewell tarts.

Of course, we also make a point to source many other ingredients locally. For example, the lovely thick double cream we use is produced at Grovewood Farm just 7 miles up the road in Hopwood, and we can show you the pump at the top of Droitwich Spa High Street where the brine is extracted to make the wonderful Droitwich Salt. Both of these ingredients are used in our award-winning Crackjack, Jackbrowns and jars of salted caramel.

For all other ingredients we continue to maintain our high standards. We use a top quality 70.5% Belgian chocolate in our thick and chunky brownies. We also only ever use free range eggs.

We endeavour to produce everything from scratch and tend to shy away from commercial confectionary products (poundshop specials as Cat calls them!) in favour of more natural toppings. We also avoid artificial colourings and flavourings.

We really hope you enjoy our products and look forward to meeting you at one of our events!

Best Wishes,

Cat & Mike

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