"What an ingenious concoction: a brownie and flapjack sandwiched together with salted caramel sauce! It was absolutely delicious! The brownies were perfect; thick and chewy. The flapjacks were also wonderful. This box is guaranteed to bring you happiness!"


"Don't buy these and leave more for the rest of us, ok?!! Absolutely delicious, can't recommend them highly enough!"


"Amazing, amazing brownies! I won't be going anywhere else. I need to remember to buy myself some when I buy them as a gift because I always regret it after! They're always delivered so quickly too."


"If you’re considering Whether to buy these brownies, do it. They’re so delicious and the team at HashtagNom were super efficient with my order. There was a delay with my order, but I didn’t even realise because they fixed it before I even knew. Thank you! I will buy again for sure."


"I've ordered a couple of times from #nom for gifts for different people. Cat and Mike always dispatch orders really quickly, their messages are so helpful and judging by the thank you messages I got, the brownies and flapjacks are incredible!"


"These will always remain a 5star flapjack brownie for me I now can't have any other homemade flapjack or brownies as they don't even remotely compare!"

Cheryl Williams, Lincoln

"Awesome Flapjack!!"

Brad Carter, Carters of Moseley

"Truly wonderful cakes well packed. Fast delivery. So treat your self. You won’t be disappointed."

Sheila Dean, Middlewich

"There is only one problem with this product, it’s too moreish. Best brownies I’ve ever had!"

Clinton Stammers, St Leonards on Sea

"Very nice and delicious homemade cakes. Definitely try to the Jackbrown, it will change your life!"

Liga Zaharenko, Bromsgrove

"Just treated myself to the chocolate brownies for the first time. Extremely rich and full of chocolate flavour. I got 6 of them but they were too chunky for us so cut them down to get 12!"

Stace Farish, Carlisle

"Awesome Brownies, so rich and moist with a powerful proper chocolate ‘hit’. A real treat - thank you x"

Debbie Woehrle, Somerset

"AWESOME products, absolutely delicious and gooey and indulgent! You can tell the amount of love and soul goes into the goodies! Have gifted them to family too and so I was very popular."

Sarah Meredith, Shrewsbury

"Absolutely delicious, as a professional Baker myself I was really impressed with the quality. Pure indulgence, a much appreciated treat, will most definitely be ordering again!"

Toni Davis, Inverness

"I picked up a salted caramel brownie at the South Glos food festival and OMG it was incredible! Gooey and fudgey, with just the right amount of salted caramel. Best brownie I’ve ever had and believe me, I’ve had a lot! My biggest regret is not going back for more."

Chantelle Macgowen, Bristol

"You have outdone yourself! These (Orange Edition Brownies) are absolutely incredible! I almost shed a tear!"

Phoebe Hinton-Sheley, Wednesbury

"Super quick delivery and the cakes were delicious - my husband loved them! Brilliant value too, Thank you"

Emma Benjafield, Banbury

"I have no words for how amazing these treats are! The makers may be geniuses"

Elizabeth Rosser, Belper

"So friggin moreish and delicious! Have ordered more for my Aunt & Uncle’s Anniversary"

Katie Sullivan, Exeter

"Amazing! Bought as a gift for my brother. He absolutely loved this and is planning on ordering more! Great customer service and delivery considerations over the bank holiday – thank you!"

Simone Onyewu, Cardiff

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